I thought I was supposed to be semi-retired??

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Have not had a chance to blog for a while because my life seems to get busier and busier.  Only a few more days until the end of the shooting season.  Dogs will be glad of the rest, but I must admit that I love my shooting days, and the season is far too short.  But finishing off with 3 days in a row so will probably be on my knees by Sunday.

The new book “Horse Movement: Structure, Function and Rehabilitation” has been through the final stages of editing and is now with the designer.  Had an email from Hilary Clayton this morning (she is going to write the foreword) saying she is really looking forward to reading it.  Make sure you have it on your list for when it becomes available in March.  I must admit that there has been an incredible amount of interest in it pre-publication, so my co-author, Lex, and I are really looking towards doing all the promo stuff.  Will be in my California practice in March and some of my clients are going to put on special events to mark the book launch, so really looking forward to that.  Particularly looking forward to some California sun.

Another project that I have on the go is the International Symposium in Animal Musculoskeletal Practice which will take place at Warwick Conference Centre on 28-30th November 2014 www.isamp.org.  Some of my ASSVAP colleagues and I are arranging it all.  We have attracted some of the very best international speakers, including Hilary Clayton, for 3 days of some of the most interesting animal therapy research and practice in the world.  Book early to avoid disappointment.  This will be a great year for ASSVAP, not only because of the conference, but because I have made it plain in the new book that ASSVAP members are just the very best practitioners in the veterinary physiotherapy sector, so we will be getting a lot of attention worldwide, and ASSVAP members will get the recognition they deserve.

On top of all this I am a member of the committee discussing the regulation of veterinary physiotherapists.  I must admit that as we have not yet discussed the minimum education requirements required to practice, I am hoping that there will not be too many students who will be disappointed that the standard of their education will not meet up to our requirements.

Off to the Chiropractor now for some treatment on my poor old back……………………..

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