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Well, it has been a very busy start to 2013 at “Williams Towers”.  The talks regarding the regulation of non-veterinarians who treat animals started on 9th January and I was there to represent ASSVAP.  Our Administrator, Elizabeth Elliott, has been working tirelessly to bring these talks about for the past 12 months, working through various political contacts.  Well done Elizabeth, I hope that she gets all the recognition she deserves for this herculean effort.  Currently 17 organisations are represented, and it is likely to take 2 years to work through, but the journey of a thousand miles and all that!

ASSVAP have received a lot of press interest and I have been giving a number of press interviews.  Because of my role as an accredited, independent spokesperson for the Science Media Centre (www.sciencemediacentre.org) I am usually the first person that journalists contact.  As a result hits on the ASSVAP website (and on my website) have gone through the roof with people wanting to find out more information.  The downside is that the ASSVAP website has been hit by spammers, and we have had to take it down to clean it up.  There are obviously some very sad people in the world with nothing better to do with their time.

On top of all this is the writing of the new book – working title “Equine Locomotion; Form, Function and Rehabilitation”.  The deadline is for the end of June (panic!!!) and my co-author and ace illustrator Lex McKenna and I are working very hard.  Our Publishers, Allen’s, are very excited by it and you will see it being promo’ed shortly.

Then, last but not least, is the BSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy that I am writing for delivery by ASSVAP and our university partners, from September 2013.  Again, watch the press and internet for details.

Well better stop wasting my time blogging – better get back to work.  Gail

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